“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

-Maya Angelou



It is through my writing that I find the most contentment. It takes me to a place of serenity where I can freely share my thoughts without the concern or anticipation of any unsolicited feedback. Even so, writing has not always been a refuge of sanity for me. For many years of my life, I was unable to comprehend the potential impact my writing could have on others who would unfortunately experience sexual abuse as I did. Now after facing my abuse head on, I can appreciate what it means to have a place of comfort that temporarily lifts all mental limitations. It is my hope that you discover that place of comfort as well.

For most of my life, I hid my abuse. It was an unhealthy coping mechanism that most victims of abuse succumb to. What I didn’t realize (for an extremely long time) was that I wasn’t alone in my struggle. There were others who had experienced sexual abuse and others who had survived sexual abuse. This realization was both relieving and empowering and it helped me get through some really dark chapters in my life. If you find yourself having these same thoughts, this blog is definitely for YOU. If you are looking for a place to share your story, find answers to questions you may have, are seeking a support system or simply here to offer words of encouragement, please take some time to check out the blog. You are NOT alone and you deserve to be heard. Let this platform be your voice. Let’s walk this road of renewal and heal together!



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I believe I was given the gift of writing to empower others. For the majority of my life, I have run from this gift and most times intentionally neglected it. It wasn’t until recently though, I realized just how important it is. Although I am a novice writer, it is my hope that the words I communicate gives a voice to someone who may not feel they have one. It is my goal to not only use it as an instrument to reach the deepest places of your mind but to also use it as an instrument to encourage you. You no longer have to concede to the torment of your past. Instead harness the power you possess to begin healing in your present.


After hiding my abuse for 30 years, I reached a point in my life that I could no longer keep this secret hidden within me. I was no longer able to function effectively through my day to day processes. This was a secret that I vowed to take to the grave with me. It was one that had smoldered within me for several decades and one that I had learned to be “ok” with. Fortunately, it would be the one thing to force me to confront my past and truly begin to live my life. So here I am telling my story to the world. This is why I write. If sharing my story can help you share yours, then my writing has accomplished what it was intended for. So please share your story. This is the perfect platform for you to do so because it was created for YOU. You are NOT alone anymore. It does get better. It is a long journey but it gets better. So I encourage you to reach out and find support in others who have gone through it, like me. Share your story and let’s continue to heal together!


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